South Africa

Head Offices
• Cape Town – African Logistics & Shipping International Pty. Ltd. (Cape Town, Head Office)
• Cape Town – AviCape Forwarding (Pty) Ltd (Cape Town, Head Office)
(Formerly known as AviCape (Pty) Ltd) (SUSPENDED)
• Cape Town – Cargo Networking (Cape Town, Head Office)
• Cape Town – Federal Clearing & Forwarding Co. Pty Ltd (Cape Town)
• Cape Town – Trade Ocean SA (Cape Town, Head Office)
• Cape Town – Tristan Export (Pty) Ltd (Cape Town, Head Office)
• Cape Town – Ziegler South Africa (Cape Town, Head Office)
(Formerly known as InHouse Ziegler Logistics (Pty) Ltd. )
• Durban – Calthol Clearing & Forwarding (Durban, Head Office)
• Durban – CPR Freight Management cc (Durban, Head Office)
• Durban – CYMIC (Pty) Ltd (Durban, Head Office)
(Formerly known as Cymic C.C. t/a Into Africa Project Logistics)
• Durban – Forwarding African Transport Services (Durban, Head Office)
• Durban – Logistic Management Services (Durban, Head Office)
• Durban – Oriental Shipping (Durban, Head Office)
• Durban – Skywaves Global Forwarding (Head Office)
• Durban – SRP SHIPPING Pty Ltd (Durban)
• Durban – Transglobal Cargo (Pty) Ltd (Durban, Head Office)
• Gauteng – African Forwarding and Shipping (Pty) Ltd (Head Office)
• Gauteng – All Procurement and Logistics for Africa (Gauteng, Head Office)
• Gauteng – Atrax Logistics S.A. Pty. Ltd. (Gauteng, Head Office)
• Gauteng – Care Freight Logistics Pty Ltd (Head Office)
• Gauteng – F.S.S. International (Gauteng, Head Office)
(Formerly known as G.J. Freight Support Services)
• Johannesburg – Aviair Cargo International (Pty) Ltd. (Johannesburg, Head Office)
• Johannesburg – Aviator Worldwide Logistics (Johannesburg, Head Office)
(Formerly known as Aviator Airfreight) (SUSPENDED)
• Johannesburg – Blu Air Sea and Land Logistics (Johannesburg, Head Office)
• Johannesburg – Consolidation & Wholesale Cargo (Pty) Ltd (Johannesburg, Head Office)
• Johannesburg – Consortium Shipping Holdings (Pty) Ltd. (Johannesburg, Head Office)
• Johannesburg – DN Freight, the Trading name of Temoore Freight Agents CC (Johannesburg, Head Office)
• Johannesburg – Exclusive Logistics Solutions (Johannesburg, Head Office – Administrative support provided by Balanced Solutions (Pty) Ltd)
• Johannesburg – FelTra International Logistics (Pty) Ltd
• Johannesburg – Freightworx CC (Johannesburg, Head Office)
• Johannesburg – Groupair S.A. (Pty) Ltd. (Johannesburg, Head Office)
• Johannesburg – International Forwarding Services (JNB) (Pty) Ltd. (Johannesburg, Head Office)
• Johannesburg – Land and Sea Shipping (Head Office)
• Johannesburg – LTG Group (Johannesburg, Head Office)
• Johannesburg – Makhulu’s Logistic Services (Pty) Ltd (Johannesburg, Head Office) (SUSPENDED)
• Johannesburg – Mercury Freight (Pty) Ltd (Johannesburg, Head Office)
• Johannesburg – Movit International (Johannesburg, Head Office)
• Johannesburg – NTP Logistics (Pty) Ltd (Johannesburg, Head Office)
• Johannesburg – Pro-Africa Freight (PTY) LTD (Head Office)
• Johannesburg – Robeck International Freight Pty Ltd (Johannesburg, Head Office)
• Johannesburg – The South African Mercantile Corporation (Pty) Ltd. (Johannesburg, Head Office)
• Johannesburg – Torre Holdings T/A Torre Logistics (Head Office)
• Johannesburg – Tradestream Logistics (Proprietary) Limited (Johannesburg, Head Office)
(Formerly known as Saxport Agencies (Pty) Ltd)
• Johannesburg – Transmedit Forwarding Pty. Ltd. (Johannesburg, Head Office)
• Johannesburg – Unitrans Freight Forwarding and Clearing Pty Ltd (Johannesburg, Head Office)
• Pretoria – Blue Core Logistics (Pretoria, Head Office)
• Pretoria – Morgan Cargo (Pty) Ltd. (Pretoria, Head Office)